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Deluxe DP (Power Start)


  • Full Google Adwords Support
  • Up to 3 Categories or Campaigns
  • Only Text
  • Text ads
  • Success Stories

Advanced DP (Stadar results)


  • Full Google AdWords Support
  • Up to 7 Categories or Campaigns
  • Text - Image or Animation or Video
    Remarketing Smart ads Support

  • Success Stories

Diamond DP (Great results)


  • Full Google AdWords Support

    Full Youtube  Support + Advanced Promotion Services

  • Up to 11 Categories
  • Text - Image - Animation & Video

    Remarketing - Smart ads + Facebook Support

  • Success Stories
We give solutions to your business. That fascinates us! Let the Internet to work for you.


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The advertisements on the Internet put on autopilot Now! Our new Website www.Promotion.Digital coming soon. Many surprises will be waiting for you. Digital Promotion is Partner of Google! Find news and posts on Facebook and Google Plus.



Digital Promotion participated in Google Accelerate, organization of Google Ireland for Internet Advertising and new trends in digital media such as Youtube, & Mobile Advertising as selected company Partner Google. Research material of the event, you can see on respective posts on Facebook and Google Plus.



Special Advertising Offer, with Google Adwords from Digital Promotion in cooperation as Official Google Partner.



Digital Promotion flies to Dublin, Ireland in Google headquarters in Europe, selected as a company Google Partner selected for its unique performance in Advertisement.

Ιmmediate results

Πιστοποιημένος Συνεργάτης Google Adowrds

Digital Promotion is important to satisfy the Customer's needs, emphasizing the quality and immediacy of communication.


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     We offer:

  • S.E.M. online Website Promotion and tergetted Marketing on Search Engines.
  • Internet targetted campaigns creation
  • Ads on Adwords, on Facebook, on Youtube, in collaborating Google
  • Creating Landing Pages with increase for sale.
  • Integrated Digital Strategies.γικές Digital Strategy.
  • Electronic Store/e-shop Creation.
  • Content Creation and effective SEO.
  • Design and Implementation Branding Campaigns in public, either in Greece or abroad.





Στοχευμένη Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, Internet Διαφημιση

Campaign Design~

Search Users Behavior

Στοχευμένη Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, Internet Διαφημιση

Web Analytics@

Website Analysis Optimization

Στοχευμένη Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, Internet Διαφημιση

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Προσφορά Διαφήμισης Google Adwords, Internet Διαφημιση

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"Nowadays, the point is not to invent more ideas but how to implement, even more to Invest in Fresh, Innovative new ideas efficiently and with continuity"

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