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Do you wish your business gain? Growing up as it deserves?


 Put your ad on "autopilot", making a step forward, trust the internet!

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Digital Promotion services:

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  • Google Adwords Expertise
  • Youtube Marketing & Channel Management
  • Website Consulting & GAnalytics & Content Creation
  • Social Media & Facebook Campaigns & SEO
  • E-shop Construction & Analysing




Advertising possibilities with Digital Promotion:

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketingAbility to reach the public at certain times with demographic criteria. With Unlimited Geographic range!

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketingAbility to create interactive promotions with Video Youtube, Image and Text. implementation of keywords management strategies. Move the interest of your visitors!

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketingAbility to choose placements of advertisements depending on the device to be addressed or the website you would like to be displayed.

With Impressive Penetration!

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketingE-shop construction targeted to increase sales, efficiently. Extension of Online Sales system!
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Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketing
Possibility of control - customization and modification at any time. Unlimited Interaction!

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketingMeasurability of results and multiplication ability of them through online video channels, youtube marketing. You Control your promotional Campaign!

Youtube Marketing Ελλαδα

Διαφήμιση Ιντερνετ, internet marketing

Ability to reach geographically remote areas, or areas that are either outside yout distribution channel or your access.
With Surgical Precision!!
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Sace money Effectively & Responsibly!


 Digital Promotion is  Google Partner

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Digital Promotion cooperate with Google, it does not represent the Google.
Digital Promotion is the first Google Partner company in Northern Greece!